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DS1200P7XP High Speed Double Press

Product Code: DS1200P7XP

DS1200P7XP High Speed Double Press
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DS1200P7XP High Speed Double Press
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Product Information

DS1200P7XP High Speed Double Press
An automatic double press machine with an output of 800 units per hour - the professionals choice for stuffing joint muscles, hams, etc into netting via pre-loaded tubes - one of the quickest in the industry.

The SCOTNET DS1200P7XP is the latest model in the DS range. It uses the latest electrical and pneumatic safety systems, making it the best Double Press we have ever made.

The entire DS range is now the industry standard for stuffing whole, or multi muscle products into casings or netting.

Reduce labour & improve product presentation. Reduce potential RSI claims from operating staff.

  • Cycling at over 800 times per hour
  • 20 products per minute, with only two operators
  • Double chamber high speed press
  • Entirely stainless steel
  • Touchscreen controlling device
  • Fits multiple tubes
  • Quick part changes
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to move

If you have any questions then call us on 0800 783 7331 between 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday or email us at

(Please note: This code is for the machine only. You will need to add tubes and chambers.)

Guaranteed to last

All SCOTNET AUTOMATION equipment is supplied with a 12 month warranty. This is based on a standard 7 hour day, 5 days a week, or 1820 running hours, which is over 2 million cycles.

If the machine is used in a different shift pattern, the warranty is reduced pro rata

Output Speed

Cycling at over 800 times per hour, that's twenty products per minute, with only two operators.

The DS1200P7XP will outperform in even the most demanding applications. You will achieve incredible result in seconds.

Reliable & efficient

The machine is designed for the busiest of meat processors, operating to a steady, efficient process resulting in high-quality products.

We only use the best suppliers for our components, like Festo and Piltz for the pneumatics and electrics, guaranteeing the highest uptime possible. All electrical components are protected in enclosures, or rated IP69K. This makes the DS1200P7XP the market leader for forming meat and poultry products.

Compact, manoeuvrable machine

Quick to assemble, plus the machine can easily be rotated & moved thanks to the braked castor wheels. The Chambers are fitted with fully welded rails enabling tool-less changes to be quickly & simply made. Emergency Stop buttons mounted on both sides.

Made with Stainless Steel

All materials are food safe and protect against rust, scratch resistant, etc. All accessories are permanently marked with their size for easy identification. The pressing cylinders are now entirely stainless steel, in a fully smooth clean down finish.

All contact parts are made from 316 grade stainless, and all other parts are 304, for the ultimate in cleanliness.

Double Tubed

Unlike the majority of the competition it has the advantage of two chambers, where you can adjust the size of the die to suit the product

No lost time, the loading operator can be loading one chamber, while the other is cycling. Produce netted or casing product on the same machine.

The now legendary double tube design lets the unit hold around 100m of netting at a time. For every 1000m of net used, these units save 30 tube changes in comparison to a standard manual system. 800mm Chamber Version available for increased yields.

Compatible with a range of tubes

Range of widths available and lengths of 600mm and 300mm. Plus 600mm Double Stuffer tubes compatible. The DS1200P7XP can be used with either a casing tube or a netting tube which will increase productivity and also save space.

All the tubes, chambers and pistons are available in all sizes from 70mm to 200mm on the standard machines, and up to 250mm on the EH models, in 10mm increments. In between sizes are available too when required.

Designed to take a spill and a splash

Water resistant electrical cabinet - a must to protect electrics while cleaning - especially when spray washing. Chamber Sets come complete with Pistons & Donuts, making gaps as small as possible for the wettest of products.

Easy to clean - All cleanable parts can be removed using no tools, with easy access chamber doors. The machine can go from production to being ready to clean in under a minute. Fully stainless pressing cylinders, for direct wash down even with the harshest of chemicals.

HMI Monitor Screen

Colour graphics touchscreen offers fast, responsive performance and superb graphics. Allows you to control machine functions and reports output & efficiency figures.

The intuitive HMI interface, with its graphical design, enables operators to adjust machine settings, and rectify faults in any language.

Hygienically designed machine equipment

The Seventh generation in the PXP range, brings the latest in electrical and pneumatic safety.

Hygienically designed machine equipment - aids in controlling the microbiological safety and quality of the products made. The machine is designed to be self-drainable to make it possible to remove all residues of products and chemicals.

It can be cleaned without difficulty, surfaces are smooth and free from crevices, sharp corners, protrusions, and shadow zones. The machine can be quickly & easily dismantled for cleaning.

Gutters & drains to catch any liquids. Integrated Drip Tray to catch any falling product. Chamber sides open for easy cleaning and fast size change.

Easy to maintain

Built to enable quick part changes & repairs if necessary. All parts are available on our website, or from local suppliers, getting the machine back in production fast, if anything wears or breaks.

All wiring and trip points are separate and easy to identify any faults.

Pneumatic Power Operated

Powered by a single phase electricity supply, and compressed air, making the machines easy to install, and move round the factory.

AWI - Automatic Water injection is used for drier joints of meat to ensure fast smooth netting.

APH - Adjustable Piston Hold lets the piston be delayed at its out most point, to allow operators to replicate more of what can be done in a manual netting operation, like hand tying, or clipping.

AJT - Anti Jam Technology: The machine automatically detects for jams, and resets itself, reducing operator workload.

Made in the UK

Designed and built by SCOTNET and 100% made in UK.

We have been making the Double Stuffer range for 20 years now, and have incorporated all our experience in this latest model, to make it the best yet.

Parts and Accessories compatible with this machine

Product Specifications & Additional Info

Finance Available

We are pleased to offer a competitive financing option for this machine.

Its quick and easy to set up, and makes it easy to afford new equipment.

We have provided a quote below based on a 5 year term. Other timeframes are available.

Finance from only £212.04 per week

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