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Manual Stainless Steel Tenderiser

Product Code: MX30002

Manual Stainless Steel Tenderiser
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Manual Stainless Steel Tenderiser
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Product Information

The Tenderstar stainless steel meat tenderiser is a manually operated tenderising machine made completely of stainless steel.

The tenderiser is designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest EC standards which makes the tenderiser easy to use and guarantees that it is made to the highest standards.

The meat tenderising machine is extremely hygienic with all the tenderizer's parts that come into contact with the meat being very easily removed for sterilizing whenever you require.

The tenderiser's blade block and meat press are quickly dismantled without the need for tools and in the safest possible way.

The tenderiser comes complete with a swivel board, and due to this boards sideways movement it avoids the meat being cut into slices with the needles not striking the same point twice. The meat which is tenderised through the meat tenderiser is left tender and juicy without the loss of its original appearance.

The meat tenderiser enables you to make the most of your cheaper cuts of meat, with the tenderised meat being more tender, juicier, quicker to cook and able to absorb marinades faster.

We stock a wide variety of meat tenderisers so if this is not the machine for you then take a look at the other tenderisers we sell: Economical, KT-PK, TSE, TSAB.Technical Information

  • Tenderiser External Dimensions (WxDxH) 430x430x930mm
  • Tenderiser Max Product Height 125mm
  • Tenderiser Max Product Width 300mm
  • Tenderiser Number of Blades 544
  • Tenderiser Cutting Width of Blade 5mm

Product Specifications & Additional Info

Manual Stainless Steel TenderiserBrochure

Finance Available

We are pleased to offer a competitive financing option for this machine.

Its quick and easy to set up, and makes it easy to afford new equipment.

We have provided a quote below based on a 5 year term. Other timeframes are available.

Finance from only £8.32 per week

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