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C2 Compac Tray Sealer Stainless Steel

Product Code: C2H.03

C2 Compac Tray Sealer Stainless Steel
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C2 Compac Tray Sealer Stainless Steel
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Product Information

Introducing the COMPAC C2H Tray Sealer

A revolution in tray sealing technology.

ScobiesDirect is proud to be the exclusive UK distributor of the brilliant Compac machines.

Compac are a major player in European tray sealing market. Their machines have been tried, tested and developed in the busiest European butchers.


Can be used with multiple die trays
...The benefit of this is it will save you lots of money! The adjustable die makes it one of the most flexible and versatile tray lidding machines you’ll ever use.

For example, one machine, with one die plate has the ability to seal a range of 38 different trays.

On the C2 machine, the adjustable die plate has 7 different positions which save's you over £3500 in die plates, compared to other similar machines.

The ability to switch between different trays sizes in seconds
...Increase throughput and reduce down time caused by switching dies

The hot plate time and heat setting can be adjusted to your liking
...So an easy peel on one tray or a sold, hermetic seal on another is an easy selection.

User friendly engineering
...Clear and easy to understand LED screen, simple controls, and easy wipe down casing.

The machined steel is easy to clean
...So no need to remove die plates and risk damaging or losing them.

Machine encased in a small, but robust shell
...So it doesn't take up valuable working space.

C2H .03
The top of the range model, able to seal 38 different trays!

Settings like temperature and time can be controlled via a digital control panel with clear and simple buttons.
It is possibile to seal 6 tray footprints of various sizes and different depths without changing the mould, thanks to the presence of the rotating selector and the sliding selector in the drawer.
Can seal trays and vessels in PP-CARDBOARD-APET-CPET-PLA-ALUMINIUM-CELLULOSE PULP with heat sealing film reel, anti-fog and not.

Technical Features:
Total weight: 43 Kg (without reel);
Power supply: single phase + ground socket;
Power voltage: 220V ± 10%;
Power frequency: 50Hz;
Installed power capacity: 850 W;
Overall dimension: (A 520mm) (B 286mm) (C 545mm) (D 480mm) (E 580mm) (L 840mm) (M 900mm);
Minimum dimensions of worktable: (B-286mm) (G-340mm) (N-92mm) (P-432mm).

This machine offer uncompromised value for money.

Use our Fast Chart to compare the Compac Tray Lidding Machines and trays

Use our NEW! Fast Chart to compare the Compac Tray Lidding Machines and trays

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Product Specifications & Additional Info

C2 Compac Tray Sealer Stainless Steel Quality CertificateQuality Certificate
C2 Compac Tray Sealer Stainless SteelOperating & Maintenance Manual

Finance Available

We are pleased to offer a competitive financing option for this machine.

Its quick and easy to set up, and makes it easy to afford new equipment.

We have provided a quote below based on a 5 year term. Other timeframes are available.

Finance from only £13.79 per week