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Superfry 30D Open End 1 Caddy - 298 Mtrs

Product Code: NI30D02CDY

Superfry 30D Open End 1 Caddy - 298 Mtrs
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Superfry 30D Open End 1 Caddy - 298 Mtrs
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Try this size - one off bargain - price per case even cheaper if you try and want to buy some more.

Nitta SuperFry PLUS casing is the complete solution for all sausage applications, including freezing, deep fat frying, grilling and oven cooking.

There are 28 strands per caddy and each strand is 35ft long. The total number of meters per caddy is 298m.

The shirred stick is suitable for a nozzle diameter of 19mm and the strand length is 9 inches or 228.6mm.
This casing will make a 30mm diameter sausage.

This casing is suitable for hand-linking provided the appropriate sausage mix and recipe is used. This casing will produce 8 to the Ib. When hand-linking, the casing is dry, so we suggest using a vegetable oil to help with the process. Oil has the added benefits of leaving a lasting sheen on the sausage, helps with cooking and is not a contaminate.

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