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Superfry 21D Open End 1 Caddy - 1792 Mtrs

Product Code: NI21D19CDY

Superfry 21D Open End 1 Caddy - 1792 Mtrs
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Superfry 21D Open End 1 Caddy - 1792 Mtrs
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Product Information

Nitta 21 Superfry Collagen Sausage Casings are ideal for the smaller breakfast sausage. Suitable for all sausage applications, including freezing, deep fat frying, grilling, oven cooking, and BBQ.

Designed for a 11-12 mm nozzle, ideally suited to automatic stuffing to produce a 21mm diameter sausage.

Scobiesdirect is the sole importer of this USA made casing: a real alternative to European brands.

Each case has four small boxes (called caddies) inside it. Each caddy contains 98 strands measuring 70 feet each. This is the code for a single standard size caddy.

Need less than a standard caddy? Check out our smaller Butchers Pack with shorter strands that's 1/4 the size.

Need a case or more? Check out our case prices and price breaks for multiple cases. Also available in closed end.

Specifications at a glance:

Stuffing Diameter21 mm0.8 in
No. of Sausages35 per Kg16 per lb
Strand Length (Shirred)18.3 mtrs60 feet
Caddy Length1,792 mtrs5,880 feet
Nozzle Diameter11 - 12 mm0.45 in
Strand Length25.5 cm10 in

Product Specifications & Additional Info

Superfry 21D Open End 1 Caddy - 1792 MtrsSpec Sheet

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