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   Food Grade Elastic Twine


   Available in:
      Blue and White
      Black and White
      Red and White


Smooth Flow
We make the twine using a special technique to give smooth dispensing from the cone every time.
Balanced threads
Balanced Threads
During manufacture, we balance the threads, which eliminates twisting and knotting.
No Breaks
No Breaks
We guarantee that there is no breaks in our twine, one continuous length with no knots, for less down-time.
Cone sizes
Cone Sizes
We manufacture our standard twine to the industry standard. We can also make bobbins in any size up to 2kg's.
Save Money
Save Money
Using our enormous buying power of latex and polyester, and manufacturing using the latest automated techniques, we are able to offer Elastic Twine at unbeatable prices.
String Tying Machine
Use on all string tying machines
Designed for use on all the leading machine brands, including Siebeck, Wiegand, Packseal & Tom
Strong and Long
Strong and Long
Designed by SCOTNET for all automatic tying machines.
Easy to use
Easy to Use
Loads directly onto the cartridge of most stringing machines.
Individual Batch Numbers
Individual Batch Numbers
Each roll has a batch number for full traceability.
Oven Roastable
Roast Stable
All our twine, even the coloured ones can be cooked at oven temperatures up to 180oC.
Simple Packaging
Simple Packaging
Supplied individually wrapped in shrink plastic - ideal for factory use.
Prevent Bacteria
Blue Plastic Core
Food grade plastic core, no cardboard to absorb moisture or bacteria.
BRC Accredited
BRC Accredited
Made in a BRC/IOP accredited plant, audited by EFSIS, a must for the food industry.
Made in Scotland
Made in Scotland
Made in our factory, to our exacting standards - quality you can trust.
Made From
Made From
Food Grade Polyester, covering a latex rubber core.
Simple Packaging
Boxed In
Packed 24 bobbins per box.
Palletised in
Palletised In
25 Boxes per pallet
Food Contact Approved
Food Contact Certification
Fully compliant with: The Plastic Materials and Articles in Contact with Food Regulations 2006 and amendments and revisions, also the UK Essential Packaging Requirements.

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