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Food Trays

New Tray Lidding Solutions from Scobies Direct

Tray lidding is a fast growing application across our customer base. Customers like pre-packed product as it is quick and easy for them to pick up from the counter. High quality ready meals have also become a favourite of the discerning shopper. Entering into to prepack and film lidding is now even easier. ScobiesDirect now has 3 different manufacturers for tray lidding solutions.

And a range of affordable trays and film which address the following markets

  • Delis
  • Fresh produce
  • Ready Meals

The GMPack machine is a compact and fast machine, ideal if you are only doing a few trays in a rush - ideal for delis

The Mantle machines are a ScobiesDirect classic, we love these machines as they does exactly what is says on the tin! With custom die plates available, these machines are great if you need to lid a couple of different size trays.

The Compac machines, the most versatile option. These machines are engineered to the very highest standard. And come with a unique sliding and rotating die plate, the number of tray options is vast. These are great if you want to offer a large range of different tray types in different sizes..