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OSKUtex VKS and BARIN - Our non-shrinkable, medium barrier, single-layer plastic casings.

VKS Our lowest cost non-shrinkable casing, available in stuffed diameters from 23mm to 200mm (lay flat 36mm to 315mm) and in thicknesses from 30mu-55mu.

BARIN Our premium range of non-shrinkable casing, which is thicker than VKS and therefore more durable. This casing can be stuffed to a higher pressure and provides better diameter control. Available in stuffed diameters from 50mm to 160mm (lay flat 80mm to 250mm) and thicknesses from 60mu-90mu.

Both BARIN and VKS are made from a single layer of PA6.6 which is non-orientated nylon. These are used for products that the casing is stripped off after cooking, before final sale.

They can be supplied in cut pieces with clips or loops, with or without drill holes or in shirred lengths of up to 60m. They are available in clear, white, brown, red, black, yellow, orange, gold, silver, green and blue in solid and tinted colours.

Plastic Casings
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