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DS1200P7EH High Speed Stuffer 70MM-250MM

Product Code: DS1200P7EH

DS1200P7EH High Speed Stuffer 70MM-250MM
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DS1200P7EH High Speed Stuffer 70MM-250MM
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Product Information



SCOTNET manufacture a whole range of meat-stuffing machinery. The Double Stuffer, invented by us, has become the meat netting stuffing machine of choice for all larger processors. By combining two machines in one, the operator's time is used much more efficiently than conventional manual or single stuffing lines. The operation becomes continuous, so while the loading operator is putting meat in the chamber, the other side of the machine is in operation, so no time is wasted. SCOTNET has installed these meat-stuffing machines in factories all over the world.

This model is for tubes that are 600mm long, and between 70mm and 250mm in diameter. It is complete with a stand.

Key Features
  • Run different diameters on each side if required
  • Pneumatics manufactured by Festo. Spare parts are easily accessible worldwide through Festo distributors or direct from SCOTNET.
  • Ewon - Operating on either LAN or sim card - our remote access to the machine allows your engineers or ours to log output and diagnose faults remotely.
  • The entire DS1200P7 range is controlled by PILZ safety relays. All connections are at least IP65 or above, ensuring reliability in even the wettest environments.
  • Works with standard 600 mm Scotnet Tubes. Minimise investment by keeping your existing loader and tubes.
  • HMI controlling machine functions, reporting output and efficiency figures, password protection and engineering diagnostics.
  • Chamber sides open for easy cleaning and fast tool-less size change.
  • Emergency Stop buttons mounted on both sides.
  • Operated with compressed air and single-phase power supply.
  • CE marked.
  • Braked Castors on the floor stand ensuring secure footing while working and easy movement when required.
  • Simple operation, simply close lid to start operation

  • AWI Automatic Water Injection
    Injects a fine spray of water into each chamber each cycle to allow easy movement of dry products such as pork.
  • SSL Selectable Stroke Length
    Allows shortening of piston strokes, to optimise shape.
  • APH Automatic Piston Hold
    Pausing the piston in its outward position, to allow further shaping of the product.

Please note, that the price is for the base machine only and doesn't include tubes, chambers and pistons.

Simple Operation
No buttons or switches to press, simply slide the lid to begin the operation. The simple, robust and clean design has made them the market leader in their field. All the DS range are designed with two chambers, minimising downtime, so while the machine is stuffing one side, the operator is loading the other.

Tool-Less Size Change
The chambers and tubes remove without special tools, and can be changed easily by operators.

Optional Remote Monitoring
Using an industry proven EWON, we can connect to the machines remotely. Your engineers or ours can see remotely on a PC, Laptop, Smartphone or iPad your machine status. This helps with diagnostics or for software upgrades. E.g. shows all the input sensors, so faults can be identified immediately.

Easy To Clean
The machines are designed with easy cleaning in mind. All stainless construction, and sealed electrics and pneumatics.

Easy To Move
Breaked Castors, ensuring secure footing while working and easy movement when required.

Latest CPX Festo Pneumatics
Easy to maintain, and simple to install, the CPX valve set up has dramatically improved the pneumatic cabinet.

Safety Control Box
The safety control box has all the connections on the sides, so all sensors and cables can be replaced without any direct wiring. Each port is clearly marked for ease of use. The box is sealed, reducing potential water damage.

Simple User Interface
With an HMI (Human Machine Interface) you can view the operational status of the machine, by viewing clear coloured images E.g. Can indicate: Machine Ready To Run, Emergency Stop Pressed, Chamber Door Open, showing any guards not in place, etc.

Standard Tubes
Works with standard 600mm Scotnet Tubes. Minimise investment by keeping your existing loader and tubes.


Click HERE to download the brochure for the Double Stuffer.

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Product Specifications & Additional Info

DS1200P7EH High Speed Stuffer 70MM-250MMOperating & Maintenance Manual

Finance Available

We are pleased to offer a competitive financing option via a third party for this machine.

Its quick and easy to set up, and makes it easy to afford new equipment.

We have provided a quote below based on a 5 year term. Other timeframes are available.

Please note that finance is currently only available to limited companies, for sole traders or partnerships please contact our customer services.

Finance from only £1,028.32 per month view detailed breakdown >>

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