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Thick Bleach 5 Litres

Product Code: CWE11-5

Thick Bleach 5 Litres
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Thick Bleach 5 Litres
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Product Information

Clean & Clever Bleach 1 x 5 Litre

(Thick Bleach)

General purpose bleach. Disinfects and kill germs on most hard surfaces, eradicates malodours at source.

Keeps drains and toilets clean and sweet smelling.

What are the Differences Between Thick and Thin Bleach?
There is no difference in the chemical makeup of thick bleach and thin bleach. Both contain sodium hypochlorite which is what makes bleach. However, to make it more effective, thick bleach has an added gelling agent that allows it to stay on surfaces for longer.

So which bleach do I choose - thick or thin?

Thin bleach has its calling in the laundry where it is best suited as a whitener and disinfectant for cloths and fabric. Thin bleach is also good for soaking toys or washing gardening pots and sanitising equipment.

You will want to use the thick bleach cleaner to disinfect surfaces. Surfaces like countertops, toilets, sinks and door handles. The gelling agents of thick bleach disinfectant will allow the bleach to cling to the surface and protect the surfaces from germs for longer.

Product Specifications & Additional Info

Thick Bleach 5 Litres Spec Sheet